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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Substitute Assignment

On Wednesday I had a substitute teacher.  I left this drawing assignment for the 2nd graders to complete.  Divide your paper in half.  On one side, draw what you imagine your life to look like when you are 30 years old.  On the other side, imagine how your body will look when you are 70.  What will your life be like then?  I got this idea from Teaching Drawing From Art.  This book is from 1988 and only has black and white pictures, but I loved reading this book.  I got a lot of great ideas for drawing lessons for kids.  As part of my professional development plan, I am researching how to teach sequential art skills.  Drawing from imagination is one of the components of a strong drawing curriculum.  

1 comment:

Snippety Gibbet said...

Teaching Drawing from Art. I bought that book at a VAEA conference years and YEARS ago. I'm ashamed to realize that I have barely ever taken much of a look inside. So, that will be a goal for this weekend. jan


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