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Monday, April 25, 2011

Australian Animals-- 2nd Grade

Australian Art:  In April, the second graders learned about Australian art.  Animals were  drawn similar to Australian Aboriginal drawings showing the animal's bones, organs and muscles as well as the outside normally seen.  Some of the oldest Australian art was created on tree bark.  The students created the same likeness of 'tree bark' art on brown butcher paper.  We wrinkled them and then ironed the sheets.   The students tried to emulate the Australian Aboriginal style of dot painting. We used the back end of paint brushes and toothpicks to make our dots.  We watched two short video snippets about Australian art.


johnny said...

Wow! What an eye opener this post has been for me. Very much appreciated, bookmarked, I can’t wait for more!
Indigenous Australian Art

DCAja said...

very nice..!


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