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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My 18 month old painting

Everybody loves to paint!  

This is Daria, my 18 month old baby girl.


Mrs. Hahn said...

So darn cute! Love seeing a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing, you're such a proud mama.

Marcia said...

Thanks! I am a proud mom. I love watching her learn new things. She was sooo focused on her painting. We did it for about 30 minutes and she wanted to paint more but it was time for dinner. It was hard for me to watch her mix all the colors together and muddy up the paint cups!

Art Project Girl said...

So much fun looking forward to doing this in 17 months;) what a good mom you are she's adorable.

Katie Morris said...

I really enjoy your blog so I've given you the Versatile Blogger award! Check out for details!


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