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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woot Woot!! Art Book Giveaway!!

In honor of reaching 100 followers on this blog, which in my opinion is really darn cool, I'm going to do a series of giveaways.  In the spirit of sharing, decluttering and passing things on to good homes, please participate if you are interested in the giveaway offered.  As an art teacher, subscribing to magazines, purchasing books, receiving other people's art books and always being on the look out for good sales, I end up with way more things than I need.  My goal this year is to use what I have and move some of the things out of my house.   My first giveaway is for this book:

If you are interested in painting watercolors of subjects that are typical to greeting cards, you would like this book. I enjoyed flipping through it and looking at her step by step designs. This book was in my Dad's art book stash which he consolidated and gave a bunch of them to me.

If you are interested, please post a comment and tell me what subject matter you like to paint the most or what you are interested in painting (if you don't already do so).  I will randomly select someone from the comments to win.


Rabbit ૐ said...

What a cool book. I do a lot of postcards and ATCs. Have a mess of greeting cards here to work with but just haven't gotten around to it yet. So many projects, so little time!!!

Tee said...

Lookss like a great book. I've been making cards for a while, but most are more layered rather than a full painted cover.

Thanks for linking to your blog... you are welcome to visit me if you like ( Rabbit (commented above me) also has a rocking blog!

Anonymous said...

This would be so much fun - I'd love to try some simple floral designs on greeting cards

Janie B said...

I bought a box of watercolor cards before Christmas with big plans to paint Christmas cards. I made 3. Then I ran out of ideas. Maybe this book would help. Congrats on passing 100 followers.

Renmeleon said...

Very cool, I am playing more with watercolor these days so it is right up my alley. I have paged through this book before at the bookstore and found it inspiring.

jenplusfive said...

Watercolors are my favorite medium right now!! AND I hate purchasing cards. I would have to say my favorite subject matter is people, although I do not feel it is my strongest area (I am making progress :)).

jgr said...

Hi Marcia,
And thank you for 'following' my blog! I'm so glad to discover yours and to check out your art work and tips.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Marcia! happy New Year! I've been following you for some time and am glad to be one of the 100 followers! Most of the time I paint in my faith journal a bible verse I want to remember. Other times I paint on canvas- usually flowers, madonnas, mother and child, etc. Patsy from

K-Sue said...

Oooo - to think I almost missed my chance - I would like to be able to paint little beach scenes.


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