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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sketchbook Pages

These are two pages I made while "taking" the online Strathmore Visual Journaling Course.  Pam Carriker led us through the process of using photocopies of some of our old collages, cutting them up and adding layers of gesso and paint prints.  The top one uses portions of old collages and the bottom page does not.  With the bottom page, I started by painting circular shapes with watercolor paints.  I did some writing with white pens and smears of chalk pastels.  The black lines are made with a thin Sharpie paint pen.

I am reading this book called "Circle of Simplicity" which is above more simple, mindful living and trying to back away from the lure of consumption.  It is a fascinating book which really has started to resonate with me as I have become more and more disgusted by consumer culture/advertising/tv.  I am lured into things (such as fun cameras), but on the other hand it seems every time I turn around I read about someone buying something else they don't need (like on facebook).  We are obsessed with our gadgets, tvs, computers, buying more and using more.  Anyways, this book is about trying to break away from that.  Not totally denying consumer culture or pop culture, but trying to really think more deeply about everything we buy and use and how we spend our time.  So the words on the collage above are inspired from that book and e.e. cummings.  "Today is the sun's birthday!"  I love that line..  it's about embracing the day and the life.  HE is all around us.  above and below and all around. 


Diane said...

Excellent journaling!

Molly Stewart said...

I love the whimsical quality, so beautiful.

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