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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Native American Pottery, 3rd/4th grade

Native American Potttery:The 3/4s are learning about Native American pottery, in particular the Mimbres bowls.  Check out the link for more information.  They made their own coil-built pot and used sgraffito techniques to design the inside of the bowl.

We used Mayco Stroke and Coat Underglaze and then painted Amaco clear glaze on top.  I love the brilliant colors.  I would never have tried this because it's more expensive than others, but my colleague WON a whole box of this glaze at an art conference, and we really like this glaze now.

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CathyH said...

I love seeing the kids encouraged to do art. I've been collecting "guitar" art from my students for years, its priceless!
cathyguitarteacher-77 at


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