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Friday, October 1, 2010

Farmer's Market Collage

This is a collage made up of photos, paint, painted papers and doodles.  I made this a few weeks ago.


Gloria said...

Hi Marcia, I come via another blog and just love your blog. I love that piece. You didn't mention the size, looks pretty big. I haven't done a collage in a while, but your has inspired me and perhaps I may get to one very soon. I need to backtrack on some of your posts because I see some really good things are waiting to be read and seen. Have a great weekend and nice to meet you.

Marcia said...

Hey, thanks! What blog did you come from? Are you an art teacher too? I'll have to check out your blog if you have one. This collage was actually only around 9 x 12".. the pictures are small. :)


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