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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3rd/4th grade Non-objective drawings

The students learned how to identify realistic, abstract and non-objective art.  The 3/4s worked on a non-objective graphite drawing.  Using only shapes, lines, texture and value the students drew an interesting non-objective design.  Non-objective art is art that has no recognizable objects.  Value in art is the degree of lightness or darkness.  The students completed a value scale using pencil.  They learned how to create contrast by placing dark shades next to light shades, rough texture next to smooth texture and incorporating a variety of sizes in their art (tiny, small, medium, large).  Their drawing needed to have a variety of lines, texture using texture rubbings, contrast, use of pressure, layering and blending, and five values (white, black, light gray, medium gray, dark gray).  One of the artists they looked at is Wassily Kandinsky. 

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Barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

I love how these turned out. Very nice.


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