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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Complementary Color Quilt Paintings.

Complementary Color Quilt Paintings
1st Grade

Key Concepts:  What are quilts?
                          What are complementary colors?
                          What are patterns?

We previously had done a fabric quilt square and I wanted to tie this project into their study of quilts already.  We learned about the color wheel and complementary colors. The 1st graders chose a pair to paint their square.  I had pre-drawn the rectangular rings around the center with pencil.  They painted them in with alternating complementary colors.  The next class period, they used any color oil pastel to draw patterns on top of the paint. 


Gloria said...

Those are very nice. I definitely like the colors used. I like the idea of painting a quilt on canvas. That is food for thought. I just went to Beverly's Craft and Fabric store and they had the canvas on sale at 50%, so I bought a huge canvas 24 x 36, and some 16 x 20's at half price. Good deal. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mary said...

I really like your approach to the art of quilts. I am a HUGE fan of the Gee's Bend quilts and would love to do a project based on them one day.
Thanks for this post!


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