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Thursday, October 14, 2010

3rd Grade Self Portraits

This was a lesson that I found in a magazine.. either School Arts or Arts and Activities.  This is a several step project.

Day one:  Paint squares of colors using watercolor paints on a piece of 12 x18 paper.  Finish during this period.

Day Two:  Cut out tissue paper squares and glue on top of your painted paper.

Day Three: Use construction paper and cut out a shirt shape.  Add patterns and designs with Crayola Gel FX markers.  Glue to bottom of page.

Day Four:  Cut out a head from skin color construction paper.  Cut out eyes from white paper.  Draw in the details of the face with a black Sharpie.  Colored pencil can also be used to color in details.  Glue all together.

Day Five:  Trace your hands on a skin color piece of paper and cut out.  Glue to shirt area.  Using hair colored paper, cut or tear hair and glue in place.  Glitter can be added to the background for sparkle. Ta da!!

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Barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

These looks super. Thanks for sharing this idea.


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