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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collages on Boards

Here are a couple of my new collages. I found the supports for these at a hardware "Re-store" near our house. They are collaged on old shelving boards. Everything is layered, painted, collaged and photographs added. I like to share my artwork, because I know not every artwork is going to be top-notch. Making art, playing with materials and trying out new ideas is important in your artistic journey. Sharing the "exercises" with other people allows me to gain momentum and become more excited about making more art.
Bird on a Wire, 2010

You shall see the beautiful things..., 2010

Here is a painting I made and then decided I would cut up for collages:

Here are some tiles I painted.. bought them for I think 5 or 10 cents each at the Re-Store. I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I will probably mount them all on a large board with a frame. I have about 20 more tiles to paint.

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