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Monday, November 22, 2010

What's Your Hang-Up?

This is hanging in my living.  Inspiration was a dream I had about an octopus strangling me and then I was looking through some children's books and saw some odd pictures of octopuses (octopi?) and I did a series of octopus artworks.. the others have since seen their demise.  This was oil on masonite board.  (pretty sure it was oil.. I made this about 10 years ago.)

I've been reading a little bit of Michelle Ward's street team crusade challenges and this one seemed easy enough to participate in, no need to make anything new.  Basically, just show a tour of art that you have hanging in your house that YOU have created.  Go ahead, show it off!    Here are some of mine:

oil on canvas. Inspiration was a textured wall in the art building at college.  another old painting of mine.
recent photograph at the Madison Farmer's Market.. waiting to be hung on the wall. just haven't gotten around to it.

A still life painting that fits nicely into the kitchen.

Photograph that I took about 5 years ago with a manual camera with actual "REAL film!"  I used a foggilizer filter that I was really excited about at the time. It gave it a foggy, hazy look.

This is a street in Normal, IL, painted from the art building, looking out the window.  Another old painting...

another Farmer's Market photo

one of my first mixed media collages... hanging in our bedroom

Another college art building painting.. Everything in this painting was actually there, every mark on the wall, drip and scratch.. just the colors were changed.  They were more like water marks, obviously.. that would be very disturbing otherwise, no? The sheet and bucket were hanging there to collect water that was dripping from the ceiling.

more photographs, collage... not so happy with this wall and will redo at some point.  We need to hang a mirror in there.

more recent collages on a shelf in the basement


Marilyn J. Rock said...

These are wonderful and should be framed.

Anonymous said...

Marcia - thanks for coming to play! I love that you've shared not only your work, but your confidence to hang your own work as I seem to be hearing from alot of crusaders who are timid about doing it. Great idea to hang your own photos too! Love that you hung one of your first collages. It all rocks!

Elena and Russ said...

What a beatiful collection of art work!


VStarRider said...

Love the octopus one - so ethereal and dreamy. And all the great colors of the other works are so uplifting. I love the vibrant, fun themes. Thanks for sharing!

Regina said...

What a nice collection you have around your home. Thanks for sharing.

Marcia Beckett said...

Thank you for all your kind comments :)

iHanna said...

Wow, you have been working in many different forms over the years one can tell. How fun to get a glimpse of some of your art, thanks for sharing!

Merry December!

Kathleen said...

You have a great selection of art around your home. Love the different media you use... nice foray into mixed media in the bedroom piece :)

goudenregen said...

Love your artwork. My favorite would be the one in your kitchen, I think.

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks for your comments! and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

sukey said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i love your vivid colors!

Anonymous said...

Artwork everywhere and in different mediums. You are so talented.


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