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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New School Year!

Today was our first day of school.  Would you like to see a glimpse of my room?  Any of these pictures you can see larger by clicking on them.

Free Draw Cart
View of the classroom.  We have small rooms because we have small classes.
This is the view from our window.  It is the back of our school.  The playground is to the right and there is a bike trail in the distance.
Miscellaneous supplies
Kiln room
                           This is an origami display the other art teacher did with her 7th/8th grade students.                                                                   It is hanging in the ceiling window well.
Close-up of the origami display
Art Mystery Game..  There are 5 artists to figure out based on clues.  The posters were bought from the Nasco catalog.
I'm in charge of Student Council.  Last Spring, we planted a garden and we grew tons of gourds!  The garden is only 4 ft x 4ft, but the gourds spread much further beyond the plot. 

These are fabric dolls made by 2nd graders.  They were made 2 years ago with a visiting artist.
First assignment.

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