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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clay Figures

So, you may remember that I made a couple clay figures as demos for a kids' clay class that I taught.  I painted the girl and put her in a chair that I had.  This is a chair made of sticks that my neighbor made.  He nails them together and ties them with some sort of twine to hold them together.


With the other guy, I painted him, and put him in a box.  The box I had bought at Michael's or Hobby Lobby for very cheap and I painted it with gesso and black stripes.  Inside the box, I put some odds and ends to create an assemblage for this clay guy.  Everything was glued together with the E6000 glue.  Wow, is that stuff strong!  I'm not completely finished yet.  I want to add something in the upper left corner on the wall of the box.  I'm trying to find something that goes with the work, but does not take away the balance. 

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