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Friday, November 16, 2012

Dr. Suess Architecture-- 2nd grade

The 2nd graders studied Dr. Suess books in their classroom.  In art class, I showed them the art of Dr. Suess.  Did you know he made paintings and sculptures?  I showed them this book:

The Secret Art of Dr. Suess.. a must-have for art teachers teaching about Dr. Suess!  I love his artwork. Fantastic, whimsical, charming!  There are a few pictures in there better left for adults, so photocopy the pages you want the kids to see and pass them out for them to look at.  

I photocopied pictures from his storybooks that showed buildings and houses in the background.  The students used his whimsical style for inspiration and made their own Dr. Suess inspired pictures of architecture.  Some added characters... all of them were colorful and fanciful.

1 comment:

ArtMuse said...

I love love love Dr. Seuss...Combing his illustrations of architectural structures from different books is a great idea for a project! Thanks for sharing :)


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