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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fabric Collages

I never posted about these fabric collages that we finished at the end of the year last year.   The third and fourth graders made these.

We worked together to paint fabrics!

We painted with acrylic paints on muslin fabric. We sprayed the fabric with water to allow the paint to spread more easily.

We had lots of painted fabrics at the end.

We even painted over ugly patterned fabrics.

Then, we chose our pieces and cut them up!

Some of the students chose to make a fabric collage with a friend.

We cut pieces, glued them and added stitching!

Lots of colors and designs.

Ribbons were a nice embellishment.

We learned and practiced our stitching skills.

You can still see some of our doodled designs in the cut up pieces.

This project was challenging and we explored many new skills.


Phyl said...

Marcia, these are FABULOUS! I love the rich colors and the uniqueness of each piece, and the steps you took to get there. I wouldn't have been able to wait to post these!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful, they must have been such fun to make. Just beautiful.


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