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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Piet Mondrian-- Kindergarten

What are the Primary Colors?  Who was Piet Mondrian?
The Nest will be looking at artwork by the artist named Piet Mondrian.  Some of his artwork was characterized by use of a very simple color scheme (usually the primary colors and black and white). His art had strong, straight lines and repeated use of squares and rectangles.  The students will be able to name the primary colors and recognize Mondrian's artwork.  They created their own artwork using the primary colors and black construction paper.

We also read the book The Color Tree, which is a colorful story about the primary colors.  The Color Tree


DEB said...

My class just did Mondrian inspired artwork last Tuesday we used colored paper and glue sticks to create our masterpieces. They looked terrific!

Molly Stewart said...

I really enjoy how the chose to fill in the space, great use of materials!


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