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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Styrofoam Valentines Prints

Here are some Valentine's Day prints I made out of a styrofoam printing plate.  You can use those styrofoam meat plates or, like I did, order the styrofoam printing plates from an art catalog (like Nasco).  These are great for little kids to print with.  All you have to do is draw with a pencil onto the foam.  Then, using water based printing ink, roll it onto a tray using a brayer.  Then, roll the inked brayer onto the foam.  Place your sheet of paper on top of the foam printing plate.  Rub firmly all over with your fingers.  Lift the print.  It is fun to try different color inks on different color papers.  I love using white ink on various color papers.  I am doing this with my 2nd grade class.  Here are the ones I printed:

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Unknown said...

I have had so much failure with printmaking I want to give up! I will give it another try seeing your results. My examples always seem to work easy enough maybe I should try with the older grades? I did it with one first grade class and didn't bother with the rest it was a disaster.

Unknown said...

Art Project Girl - I agree. Printmaking studios often feel hectic and chaotic. I have realized that I haven't approached printmaking AT ALL this year. I need to get on it and try to plan better! Thanks for the inspiration Vivid Layers!

Marcia Beckett said...

One tip I have is to set up a printing station with 2-4 inking areas. Have the rest of the kids work on something else (like sketchbook drawings) while you call up kids to print. I found that you really need to watch the kids while they are inking and rubbing to make sure that they put enough on and give it enough pressure. Whenever I have just let the whole class loose to do it, the prints don't turn out as well. The older kids (5th/6th) I will let all print at the same time, but those classes are smaller anyways so I can really watch them. Good luck! Printmaking is fun!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Marcia! That is the key I'm sure being there to help with the inking so it doesn't glob up. That will be the only way I'll do it next time! No more globby prints:)

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