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Friday, January 21, 2011

Kindergarten Penguins

The kindergartners are studying penguins in their classroom, so we made penguins out of model magic modelling compound.  One trick to get the parts to stick better is to use just a bit of regular hand lotion on your hands to make the model magic just a bit softer and squishier.  Then, we made a triorama and decorated the background for a habitat. 

One thing I like about the trioramas is that it's a good way for the kids to think three-dimensionally, but if you are pressed for space, they stack up nicely while they are in progress.

I used black and white colors. 

I also read the kids this awesome book that just happened to be on display at the public library when I went in there last week.  It is a fun story about penguins.  Plus, the pictures are really interesting. 


Unknown said...

Marcia, got your message. Wait and send the pics with it. It kind of makes the plans stand out. Also I will have to extend the deadline because of snow days. I'll keep you posted on my blog! But I will have to make a deadline otherwise I'll be typing lessons forever! It will be well worth it when you see the share though it is very cool. THanks for participating!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this project. I am adding this into my plans for next week. I was looking for a good model magic project and this is it. Really cute and displays nicely. Thanks for adding the hand lotion tip too!

Unknown said...

Hi Marcia it's . .I extended it till Wednesday.


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