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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tessellations-- 3rd Grade

We are out of school now for the summer, but I have some projects that I have not blogged about yet to share with you.  I will update the blog throughout the summer with artsy thoughts, my summer activities, a couple art workshop updates and book reviews.

The third graders made tessellations in art class!  How fun.  This is a great project to tie in with geometry and other math concepts.

I knew there had to be some easy-to-follow tessellation directions on the internet to save some time explaining how we did these.  I found a good site with the same technique we used:

These all turned out very beautiful.  Some of the students struggled with the project, but they understood the general concept and created a lovely design.


DIAN said...

what bright and interesting designs.

Jess said...

Hey Marcia- Your Etsy shop looks cool, I didn't know you did all of that! I do Tessellations with my 5th grade and have them actually turn the shape into something (this is a good creative exercise but tough). These are great for 3rd. You are brave.


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