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Friday, May 25, 2012


I saw this on Donna Downey's blog who saw it on where else, but Pinterest, of course!  Doesn't it sum up why most of us blog?  One of the reasons I started blogging was because I discovered that there were so many good art teacher blogs out there and I was getting so many good ideas from them, that I thought I should share some of my own.  When I was going through college and first started teaching, the internet wasn't as chock full of so many good art teaching ideas. Plus, pages with images took so long to load.. remember that?  How amazing would it have been to be able to have all these blogs right at my fingertips when I was just starting out?  I mean, if I wanted some information about maskmaking, I would actually have to go to a library to get a book!  LOL.  The first site that I saw was the Incredible Art Department.  I just took another look right now and saw that it has been around since 1994. 

I have a bunch of art lessons from the past month or so that I have been saving up to show you.  I will show them to you over the next month or so.  As the year winds down, we have grade reports to write (of course), inventory to do, art rooms to clean up and other loose ends to tie up.  On top of that, I'm in charge of the yearbook.  The yearbooks have been printed and delivered.  They are waiting in boxes ready to be distributed.  I'm also in charge of Student Council and we just had our last middle school dance last night.  Luckily I have today and Monday off of school to write grades and just relax.  So things are wrapping up and I'm looking forward to summer.  The day after school gets out (June 6) we are driving to Florida to go to Disneyland!  So I will leave with this picture.  My daughter is trying on her new bathing suit that Grandma gave her.


Jen said...

Isn't that just the craziest thing? I mean, I am still on the cusp of the beginning of my art career, but still so much has change in just the last 3 years since I graduated college. I mean, Pinterest?! I was just telling my friend and fellow graduate of 2009, that if we had a resource like that when we were in college things would have been totally different. Crazy. I am thankful to have these resources now, but it seriously makes me wonder what teaching will be like in the next 5, 10, 15 years. :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Hope Hunter Knight said...

I love this. Thanks for posting it. I agree wholeheartedly with what this, and you, have stated. And I will delight in sharing it :)

Marcia said...

Jen, it is totally crazy. How nice it would be to go to college and be able to use the internet for research! ha ha. There was actually one assignment I had to do where I looked at old articles on MICROFICHE. I wonder if the library even has those anymore. Ok, and I'm NOT that old. I'm only 32. sheesh! I saw your re-share on your blog, Hope! :)

Art Project Girl said...

Love the quote! It so eloquently states what we are all experiences by sharing on the blogs! LOVE THE PIC OF YOUR DAUGHTER MORE! Bet you can't wait to wave goodbye to the last bus, and play with your girl the whole summer. Get through these last tough days!

Phyl said...

Great quote, and all so true.

I know it dates me, but when I started teaching, there were no personal computers, no internet at all, and people paid 50 cents a page for someone to type their term papers for them, but I got $1.00 a page because I corrected spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We took notes on paper with pen, and copies were made with carbon paper. Does anyone else remember ditto masters and the wonderful smelly purple ink?

Anyhow, I taught virtually in isolation for most of my first 34 years teaching, and then discovered blog world for my final 2 years. Blogging has totally altered how I do so many things. I wish it had been a resource I had more time with before I retire.

Mrs. C said...

Love the quote also! Pinned it to my Wise Words board on Pinterest. To answer Phyl's question I too remember the purple ditto masters and how they stunk to high heaven after you ran them off! As a kid we would always sniff them when the teacher handed them out!( LOL, little did they realize we were all getting high on the fumes , contaminating our little bodies with highly toxic chemicals! )) A few years after I started teaching they were banned as a dangerous substance in school! I said to a colleague the other day.. how did we function before the internet?! We are so connected to everything now! I can pull up a photo,painting ,information at the drop of a hat in my room! Before you had to go to the library and do hours of research! I love how we can all connect with each other and share ideas and thoughts! :)

Jeans 'n Tshirt said...

nice, interesting blog! and i am so thankful for all the resources on line!! my daughter (22) came down with one of her old lap tops yesterday and was trying to find a charger for it--- she said, "look at this dinosaur! from 2007!" lol!

Margaurita said...

I love this quote! And honestly one of the reasons I started blogging was to share all my ideas. The act of sharing knowledge is one of the key components of my personal teaching philosophy. I can never understand when other teachers don't want to share what they have done with their classes. I always give my ideas away freely, even posting complete lesson plans. So glad that in the blogging world everyone is so willing to share!


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