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Monday, February 13, 2012

Map of My Heart-- Kindergarten

The kindergartners made Maps of their Hearts!  They included things that were important in their lives.  We drew with permanent markers first, then watercolor painted them in.. 

I got this idea from the book "Playful Learning" which would be a great book for a classroom teacher.  It was interesting to read, but most of the activities are math, science, reading related.


Christie - Fine Lines said...

This is such a sweet idea!! So appropriate for little ones!

DEB said...

How fabulous!

Gwen said...

Really heart warming. Amzing how many of your students love school.....I am not really surprised if they have fantastic art projects like this:)

Art Project Girl said...

What an amazing idea Marcia I should pin this for next year! It really lets children be creative. I hope you know this is going to be a great project for so many kids beyond your classroom, sure to be a favorite!


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