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Friday, January 6, 2012

NAEA Conference

So.... is anyone else going to the National Art Ed. Conference??  Registration is open now.  If you haven't ever been before, it is an AMAZING conference.  All day fun.. your brain will be exploding with ideas and excitement. Plus, you get to try out all the cool new art supplies and get free samples.

Did you hear Chuck Close is going to be there???  Wow, how cool is that going to be??!!  I am so excited I almost typed OMG. 

Also, Wyland, the marine artist should be fascinating!

If you haven't heard Olivia Gude speak, you are in for a treat... don't miss that session.  Every presentation I've heard by her is a-- ma-- zing.  She is from Chicago, which is where I am from, so I've heard her speak at a few Illinois Art Ed. Conferences. 

So are any of my art teacher blogger friends going? 


Phyl said...

I admit, I've never been, am not even a national member. I guess it has always been financially out of my reach to even consider the national conference so why join the organization. Bad attitude I know. Now this year it is nearby, in NY, but I know how expensive the hotels are in NY. Plus there's no way my district will spend a dime to let me go, just before I retire. I'd love to find a way to go anyhow if I thought I could afford it myself.

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I will be there! It truly is an amazing experience! Can't wait to see all my art teacher buddies from all over the US! Phyl, you should GO, you will have a BLAST! Find a friend and split the hotel!

Taylor schapiro said...

You are so lucky to get to go to NAEA. I have dreamed of going for so long but my school would never allow. it. I hope you blog all about the experience. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Marcia said...

Taylor and Phil, Have you asked your school? have you presented all the info about how inspiring, re-energizing and valuable all the sessions will be? You might be surprised! I worked in 3 different schools since I started teaching and all of them have allowed me to go. Not every year, but they rotate conferences with other departments so all teachers can get a chance to go at some point. Some only paid a small amount to help out and other times the whole amount was paid. I usually share rooms with 2-3 other people (one time we had 6 of us crammed in a room, some sleeping on the floor). Those were some awesome memories and bonding experiences. At one school, I volunteered to use my personal days to go (because I wanted to go that badly) and they graciously provided professional leave for the 2 days I would miss. My current school is doing the same.

Marcia said...

Also it helps if you can wait until you the conference comes within driving distance... I've gone to the Chicago one a couple times and the Minneapolis one because they are close enough to drive to and that saves a bunch of money.

Marcia said...

Phyl, I understand the retirement thing though, that makes sense that it would be harder to get to go.

Pat said...

I was at the last one in New York, 6 months before 9/11. My district paid for 100% of the trip because we had a wonderful Art Coordinator at the time. She pushed the budget requests through before anyone in the upper echelon knew what was happening! It was awesome! I am saving for this year but don't know if I'll have enough to go. I encourage all new and young art teachers to go if possible because it's an experience you'll never forget.

Phyl said...

Anyone know of anyone who will need roommate? Maybe I'd go if it it wouldn't cost too much. My district is small, and there's not the kind of $$ available for an expensive conference, especially someone retiring.

Pat, we don't have an art coordinator. We have ME. And a second-year high school art teacher. We're it.


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