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Friday, March 4, 2011

Inside Out Pictures

Inside Out Pictures

The Primaries learned about positive and negative space. 
They exercised their cutting skills and spatial awareness.

Step One:  Cut out shapes from a 4.5" x 9" colored piece of paper.

Step Two:  Take all of the shapes and try to put them back together like a puzzle.

Putting the puzzle together.

Very carefully, flip the large piece over to the other side (like a mirror image)
Finally, reposition any shapes that have shifted.  Glue down!  Voila!


Gloria said...

How intesting. Looks great and a good idea to do this with the kiddies like you did. Good practice. Thx for sharing, have a great weekend.

Becca Ruth said...

I like your steps to this project. Flipping the largest piece makes so much more since. And I love the "inside out" name.

Mrs. Belzer said...

Great! I really like this idea too! And the flipping idea is genius! I would have definitely ended up doing it the hard way and put the pieces on by themselves! Thanks!


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