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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What to do with all of your kid's art?

Here is a post that I am putting on my school class website for parents:

Children are prolific artists.  I have found some interesting ways to document your child's art journey and display favorite works of art.

1.  First, you could create a book!  Take photographs of your child's drawings, sculptures and paintings and use a service like to create a photo album.  Many of your child's artworks are already photographed by me on our Artsonia gallery.  You could download the photos from there and put into a book.  I recommend using a regular digital camera to take your photos and then use the editing program on the Walgreens site to crop the photos.  Sure, it takes some time, but you could shoot a whole stack of artwork while watching your favorite tv show.   Older kids can take their own photographs.  If you have access to a scanner, you can use that too, but I find it takes more time and is much more cumbersome. 

Sources:  and JoJoebi

2.  Rotating display.  Choose your current favorites and hang.  Then, when the artwork is rotated out, decide what to do with it.  Gifts?  Scrapbook?  Store in box?

Use wire strung across a wall.  Attach colorful clips.

Source:  The Wilson World

More displays using clips, wire, boards and magnetic trays.

Source:  Style Files, A Little of This A Little of That, and Laura Winslow

3.  Frames-- Choose some of your child's favorite artworks to frame.  Go to the thrift store and find a hodge podge of interesting frames.  Spray paint the same color or leave as is. 

4.  Bulletin Board-- Very easy way to create a rotating display---  cover the bulletin board with a large piece of pretty thin fabric to make it fit in with your decor.


6.  Turn it into canvas art--- take photos of your kid's artwork, shrink them and collage them onto a canvas using Mod Podge.

Source: Decor8 blog

7.  Another example of using Mod Podge to secure a child's artwork to a canvas.

   Isn't that gorgeous???

Visit the Cheeky Kitchen blog to see a step-by-step tutorial for this. 

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